About Us


We understand how daunting motherhood can be and the extreme amount of pressure and judgement that comes along with the role. We believe instead of adding to the pressure, as fellow women and mothers, we should be encouraging moms to help them find the self-confidence they need to make and own their choices in a way that allows them to find true joy in the journey of motherhood.

Our Story

Feliz Wean started out of necessity for founder, Carla Goncalves, a mother who knew the pressure of breastfeeding with two boys of her own. Carla began the journey of breastfeeding her first son with relative ease. Breastfeeding was s joy, and her son didn't resist when the time came to wean off and begin his journey into a toddler diet. The issue arose when she began breastfeeding her second son. At first the process came to her as easily as her first. The problem arose when she began to wean him off at the start of his second birthday. He began to throw fits, cry without reprieve and ask for the breast every hour of the day. Carla had to think fast so she began to research whether or not this was happening to other mothers too, and what their solutions were.

Our Solution

To her surprise, there didn't seem to by any real help for mothers like Carla. She found forums dedicated to various issues concerning weaning babies, but no tangible tools to help you accomplish successful weaning. She found a specific forum dedicated to the issue of toddlers trying to wean and began conversing to find a solution. Going down every road imaginable as an over-tired mother, she finally found a solution to use makeup to disguise her nipples to help her child understand that he could not use them because they were asleep or in pain.

Once she realized the effectiveness of this method she shared her news with other mothers that had similar results. With this knowledge at her fingertips, she began to design and develop a breast binder and breast coverings uniquely designed to support child led weaning. And the rest, as they say is history.

Our Message to You

Whether you decide to breastfeed your child or not...
Whether you choose to do it exclusively or mixed with other feeding methods...
Whether you breastfeed your child for a short time, something in between, or a long time...

Please know that it’s always only allabout you and your child. Nobody else should have a say orforce their opinion on you. 

‍You are the mother; dive intoyourself, follow your intuition and make the best decision for you and yourchild, this is your experience! A healthy and happy mom is necessaryfor a healthy, thriving child and that is what matters.

We build tools and communities that encourage mothers and children to confidently grow.